Softfixx Mobile solution Tfm Tool Latest Update And Setup

Tfm Tool Latest Update And Setup

Tfm Tool Latest Update And Setup

In this post we give you all important information about tfm tool or tfm tool pro. Also we discuss here about Tfm Tool Latest Update And Setup. At all if we talk now a days vivo updated your security for mtk modal that one support in only tfm tool or tfm tool pro. In this tool you can do it in one click by paid service. In this post we also tell full process for vivo mtk modal. 

So at all we can say tfm tool is a professional software servicing tool for mobile phone. Supported Chip. MTK Qualcomm SPD.Products. In this post we cover all these topics well.

  • About Tfm tool or tfm tool pro
  • Tfm tool price
  • Tfm tool for pc
  • Tfm tool v2.0.2 crack download
  • Tfm tool free download
  • Tfm tool pro latest version
  • Tfm tool credit
  • How to use tfm tool pro

About Tfm tool or Tfm tool pro 

tfm tool is a  professional software servicing tool for mobile phone. Supported Chip. MTK · Qualcomm · SPD. Products. Now a days its mtk verison on the top in all tool due to its big update for vivo modal like mtk one click all unlock and frp done. But this is a paid and credit based service. At all this is one of the best solution for vivo and other mtk model.

This tool is based of chipset means you can download it by part as if you need qualcome setup then you can download its separate part for that similarly for other like spd or mtk. At all here one main module also here. By which you can do all as you can do by one by one. if we discuss its setup or supported chipset now a days it support these chipset: 

  1. Mediateck
  2. Qualcome
  3. Spd
  4. Vivo latest mediateck chipset

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Tfm tool price

This is a best and working tool in gsm line for mobile software and work. Its price is minimum as compare to other tool like umt and unlocktool etc. But its is workint at all as compared to all off these. By it you can do remote work like by team viewer or anydesk etc.

If you wants to buy it you can buy it in 20usdt or 1750rs by us. This price can up or down as compared to usdt price just contact us on whatsapp +918755084148 or click here. In this tool not come any dongle this is totaly digitally eddition. For activation you need following things:

  1. Registered Eamil.
  2. Registered user name.
  3. Money as its price.

if you are interested in this tool and wants to buy just contact us. Payment mode is usdt binance or paytm google pay or phonpe as you need just click here 

How to register tfm tool 

If you wants to buy tfm tool or tfm tool pro then you need to register on the official website or you can register by following us. For this you need email, user name and password. Just click on the below link and register here. 

  • To register tfm tool or tfm tool pro just click >>>>>>>>>>>>>> REGISTER HERE

Tfm tool for pc

Yes, tfm tool for pc not for phone. This is a windows console application for mobile gsm software work purpose. It allow you to unlock your model like screen lock, frp, pin and password etc. 

At all we recommend you to just follow governmen rule regulations. Because to unlock any model is an illegal work.  Here in this post we give you all here how to use tfm tool or tfm tool pro.

Tfm tool v2.0.2 crack download

Now a days Tfm tool v2.0.2 crack download not working its recommend you to buy its paid verison. So we recommend you to buy its paid verison its price is too low as compared to all tool like umt unlocktool, eft, etc. At all if you need this tool just contact us on whatsapp on +918755084148 or click here. 

Tfm tool free download

You can download tfm tool free from here. This setup is free off cost. You can use it for mobile software work like to fix software briked or to unlock screen lock like frp pin pattren etc. In this post we discuss here all its latest setup and download link for one click download. 

If you compared it with other tool like umt unlocktool its is best for mtk and qualcome but here. in this tool not found more model like umt or unlocktool.

Tfm tool pro latest version

Yes, if you are goint to download tfm tool pro latest verison then you are on right place. Here we provide one clik donwload link for all version like mediateck setup, Qualcome, spd setup. 

In this tool if update come then it auto update its all tool like unlocktool. Lets see all tool setup one by one:

Name Download link sizetfm tool download link
MTK Module (New)

SPD Module


Tfm tool pro supported model

This tool support all kind of model like mtk qualcome spd etc. if you need its deeply knowledge then you can takes it trial from us just contact us on given details and you can use its trial buy in a 1usdt or 100rs for a day.

Also you can do your pendings work by this tool using a login by us. If you need really on rent just contact us definitely.

for more information just click on here 

How to change pc in tfm tool pro 

Yes, if you wants to change your pc in tfm tool pro then you can wait for 2hrs. After 2hrs you can change pc. This is a best timing tool as compared to unlocktool. But for this you need ot detech your old pc from its official website and activate your pc in which you wants to login. 

Lets see full process how to change pc in tfm tool. For this follow this steps one by one well:

  • Go tfm tool official webiste and login here.
  • Now click on Device fingerprint and click on red butten.
  • Now login in other pc and then refreshe its offical website. 
  • After refressh you see there new pc name. 
  • Just selcet new pc name and click on blue butten. 
  • Now again click on login in your new pc.
  • Now login will success all done.

if you face any issue jsut contact us on given details. We help you at all free off cost. 

how to change pc in tfm tool

Tfm tool credit

Yes, now a days its working with credit system for vivo mtk and qualcome model. Because if you need vivo auth work like latest vivo mtk frp or demo or unlock then you need tfm tool credit. At all one credit price is 1usdt but if you buy from us then we can give you its price 0.9usdt or in inr its normal price is 88rs but if you buy from us we can give you 80rs in bulk credit as per pack.

  • 10 credits pack  =  10usdt     indian = 880rs
  • 20 credits pack  =  18usdt     indian = 1580rs
  • 30 credits pack  =   25usdt    indian = 2200rs
  • 50 credits pack  =  42usdt     indian = 3700rs 
  • 100 credits pack =  90usdt   indian = 7920rs

If you need any off these plan just contact us on whatsapp +918755084148 or click here. we tranfer it within 30sec. if you wants just contact us definily. 

How to use tfm tool pro

This is very important to you if you  are goin to buy tfm tool then you need to know how to use tfm tool pro. If you wants to unlock or software work with tool tool then follow these simple steps one by one : 

  1. Check your model cpu for this just click here and type your model.
  2. As you now known your modal cpu then ready setup as mtk, qual or spd from here.
  3. Now use auto mode for best result if don’t work then use model method.
  4. At all click on job as you wants to do all will done definite.

If you face any issue just contact us on WhatsApp +918755084148 or click here. 

Unlock vivo latest mediateck model

Yes, By tfm tool you can unlock vivo all latest update mediateck or qualcome in one click by auth service. In this tool no any dead risk as you see in test point methods. You can do all vivo mtk or qual in one click by this tool lets see process: 

  • Download mtk tfm tool from here. 
  • Extract and install then open it. 
  • Just select vivo and then vivo all in 10 credit.
  • Untick force to brom and tick auth server. 
  • Now choose as you wants to do frp formate or demo. 
  • Now power off your model just connect data cable recommeded don’t press any key.
  • Now all will done definitely.

For this you need auth credit if you need credit just contact us on whatsapp +918755084148 or click here. 

Tfm Tool Latest Update And Setup

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